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Title: Sky
Fandom: Sky
Characters: All of them. Duh.
Rating: G- – NC-17
Warnings: It’s a master post. See individual fics for warnings.
Notes: Timeline sez "WAT? NO." So, I finally went through everything to straighten it out, and I realised I’d totally screwed up a bunch of dates, so I’ll be editing a lot of the earlier stuff to make it consistent. Keep in mind that when I was writing the early stuff I had no idea what year it was, just how old they were.

Sky has been revised for publication. The final version of the stories will only appear in the book, but all the art is here, including the frames that didn’t make it into the book.

The book is now available from Lulu as both trade paperback ($12.50 + shipping) and PDF ($5.00)!


1957 – On the Birth of Singularity
1973 – Falls Down On Me
1978 – Sometimes Capricious
1979 – Ethereal
        – Begins At the Earth 
        – Without Stars
1980 – ‘Scuse Me While I…
        – Blow It All Sky High
        – Blind With Stars
        – The Top of the Well
1981 – A Hundred Veils
        – Darkening Like a Stain
1982 – Darkly, Deeply, Beautifully
        – Split the Sky in Two
1983 – The White Crest
1985 – Reach the Ceiling
        – Kaleidoscope
1987 – Grander Than the Sea
1990 – Is Falling
1991 – This Winged Hour
1992 – Pale
        – A Song of Bells
1993 – Daily Bread 
1994 – Night 
        – Room Between Me and the Ground
        – The Colour of Static
        – In the Palm of My Hand
1995 – Amazing
        – Little Birdie Flying By
        – Pierce
1996 – Cloudy
        – Blue
1997 – Whisper Your Name
        – Infinite
1998 – Taste Like Sky   [Original version: 1 | 2 | 3 ]
1999 – We Live…
        – Just Before the Dawn
2002 – So Many Thunderbolts


Fifteen Words Meme
Outtakes, part 1
Flash Fiction 2010


Ten Things About Arkady
Ten Things About Baron
Ten Things About Betty
Ten Things About Lir
Ten Things About Severen
Ten Things About Sin


Like a Tea Tray (for Without Stars)
Colour of Static – Plate (WIP I)
Colour of Static – Plate (WIP II)
Falls Down on Me – Plate (WIP I)
Blue – Plates
Blue – Plates II
Night – Plates
Pale – Plates I
Pale – Plates II
Daily Bread – Plates I
Ethereal – Plates I
Ethereal – Plates II
‘Scuse Me While I… – Plates
Is Falling – Plates
In the Palm of My Hand – Plates
Blow It All Sky High – Plates
Begins at the Earth – Plates
Back Cover
Front Cover I
Front Cover II
Sometimes Capricious – Plates
The White Crest – Plates I
The White Crest – Plates II

Arkady – Test Renders 
Lir – Test Renders
Not a Pretty Boy
Baron – Test Renders 
Angelic I
Angelic II
Pastoral with Historian and Scientist (Pure Crack Crossover)
Random Birthday Renders
Portfolio: ‘Gender (identity, construction, deconstruction and transgression)’ – Harwood Art Centre
Off With Her Head!

Other Art

Finals Week 01
Silent Suns
The Way is In the Heart
Sinfully Delicious (NSFW)
The Most Sparkling Star
Viridian Doll Image Dump
Her Wildest Dreams (NSFW)
Serenity Interrupt (NSFW)
You Can Call Us ‘Trouble’
In the Garden 
Socks and a T-shirt (NSFW)
Viridian Doll Single Frame
Compromising Positions I
Compromising Positions II
Temptations of Sin I
Fun With Light and Shadow (NSFW)
Material Girl
Just Like Arcadia
Temptations of Sin II
Critically Unimpressed
Quiet Evening
A Proposition
Fanservice for Your Morning Coffee (NSFW)
Elysium Tango

Names and Places
Everett Lothar Nilsson (Singularity) August 8, 1957, near Shawnee, WY
Sebastian Lindstrom (Severen Bellamorte) February 13, 1959, Boston, MA
Michael Leary (Lir Fontaine) March 24 1962, Flagstaff, AZ
Evan Newkirk (Ebony Arkady) May 9, 1964, Los Alamos, NM
Elizabeth Sinclair (Betty Noir) June 12, 1964, Los Alamos, NM
Barry Moore (Baron von Nocturne) September 16, 1968, Andrews, TX

Age Reference List, for the dumbass author’s convenience:

Baron Arkady & Betty Lir Severen Sin
1975  7  11  13  16  18
1985  17  21  23  26  28
1995  27  31  33  36  38
2000  32  36  38  41  43


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