May 162007

Title:Masquerade, Part III
Characters: Severus Snape, Rodolphus Lestrange, Augustus Rookwood
Rating:Β E
Warnings: EXTREME VIOLENCE. Graphic descriptions of torture and murder. Some questionable-con yaoi later.
Notes: This has been festering in the back of my head since October of last year. Thanks to Cat Black for insisting that I get it out of my system — insisting in that green and spendable fashion.
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Mar 132007

Title: Fall of the House of Caliphet
Fandom: Potterverse
Characters: Randall Prince, Augustus Rookwood, (Corvus) Rosier, Antonin Dolohov
Rating: M
Warnings: Relatively disgusting violence and massacre
Notes:(MH AU) It amused me to play with the idea of Death Eaters and the stock market. It amused me more to mercilessly slaughter my favourite OC's entire family. Not to say they didn't have it coming, of course.
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Dec 272006

Title: Fear of the Unknown (Masquerade II)
Fandom: Potterverse
Characters: Phaedrus Entropium, Severus Snape, Rodolphus Lestrange, Lord Voldemort
Notes: (MH AU) Snape would like to clear his conscience of the events of twenty years ago. Roddy's getting worse as time passes, and Sev would like to see his tormentors in the ground before the seals on the Irishman's memories break.

This story is the second part of the Masquerade series — a group of stories involving Death Eaters who turned against each other, and the repercussions that followed, more than twenty years later. Phaedrus is an OC from the RPG this story originated in — he's a sentient non human. (A pooka, actually; this AU sees the tall faerie-kin as in the same position as the centaurs, in canon.) Since the meeting in the first part takes place in America, and involves things better left unattributed, code names are used: Batty is Severus Snape, Sin is Rodolphus Lestrange, and Rabbit is Phaedrus Entropium.
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