Oct 312012

Title: Verlucien – Test
Fandom: N/A
Rating: M (L0 N3 S0 V0 D0)
Warnings: Naked vampire
Notes: So, I'm actually working on something else, but this is … part of it. Yes, that's a scar. It's described as 'faded', so… Doing my best with that. Yes, his eyes glow in the dark. Black satin with blue spec for the nails, which I think I might use again. Also, the light is not casting shadows wrong, he's standing in front of a concave mirror.
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Oct 272012

Title: Quiet
Fandom: Magelight
Characters: Yaz, Dark
Rating: G (L0 N0 S0 V0 D0)
Warnings: None
Notes: I have no idea. This kind of sprung up out of a conversation I was having, and I couldn't drop it. I'm … sufficiently happy with it to stop screwing with it, for now, although I have a suspicion that's only going to last until I see it on an LCD display. I'm pretty sure there's a glitch that I can't see on this monitor, somewhere in all that black.
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Oct 232012

Title: Fall For Me
Fandom: N/A
Characters: Lux, Cuthbert
Rating: G- (L0 N1 S0 V0 D0)
Warnings: Not a whole lot of skin. Fallen angel.
Notes: I need to do the postwork on this, but I'm not sitting in that chair until my back stops hurting. In the mean time, here's the two images I'm going to need to splice. I like Lux better in the first one and Cuthbert better in the second. It's the change from raytracing to mapped shadows that makes the difference. They probably look better on an LCD than a CRT. That's the (fallen) angel of truth and light tempting a warrior of the summer court. Post's done. It's much better.
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Oct 102012

[Master Post – Glass]Β 
Title: Undrinkable
Fandom: Viridian Legacy: Glass
Characters: Arkady, Betty
Rating: M (L3 N3 S3 V2 D0)
Warnings: References to violence and rape, bizarre teenage drama
Notes: Somewhere along the way, I realised I never finished telling this story, and it's a huge part of the second book. So, yeah. Got off my ass and finished that. I'm not taking crit on this unless you find a typo or a grammatical error. It's weird as hell, but it's supposed to be. There's some shit in here that only makes sense in a larger context that isn't written yet.
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