Advent Archive


The Advent Art Challenge involves producing 25 works in the 25 days leading up to Christmas. I've done this several times, because I'm clearly out of my mind. But, now, you can find all those images in one place!

You can navigate the slideshows below by using the alarmingly invisible left and right arrows or by clicking on the white boxes at the bottom of each. If you're on mobile, you should be able to swipe to the side on a slideshow to switch images. If you click on the image, itself, it'll open full-size in another tab.

2023: Advent of Mostly Mages

2022: Advent of Rogues and Mages

2021: Advent Twice-Counted

2020: Advent of the Fives

2019: A Pan-Fandom Advent

2018: Advent Nightmare Mode

2017: A Surprisingly Clothed Advent

2016: A Magical Advent

2015: Advent in Purple

2014: Angelic Advent

2012: A Vampire Advent