Apr 122023

Title: An Intersection of Assassins
Fandom: Forgotten Realms, Dragon Age
Characters: Artemis Entreri , Zevran Arainai
Rating: G- ( L0 N1 S1 V0 D0 )
Warnings: Shirtless dudes, implied later smut
Notes: I can't brain, this month, so I asked in chat if anyone had any pairings they wanted to see. I got back suggestions for this delightful crossover.
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Dec 282022

Title: The Artemeese (Again)
Fandom: Dragon Age, Magelight Chronicles, Legend of Drizzt
Characters: Artemis Hawke , Artemisia , Artemis Entreri
Rating: T ( L0 N2 S0 V0 D0 )
Warnings: Scantily clad beach party gone wrong
Notes: So, a couple of years ago, I did a wallpaper of Artemis, Artemis, and Artemisia, but it didn't come out as well as I'd hoped. So, now, I have done it again, and it's … less terrible.
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Feb 282022

Title: It's Complicated
Fandom: Forgotten Realms
Characters: Artemis Entreri
Rating: G- ( L0 N1 S0 V0 D0 )
Warnings: I think that vest is like half a shirt
Notes: I have the feeling this almost has to be the setup for something entirely other. Like an assassination disguised as an accident. Yeah, I dunno. I may take another shot at this, at some point. I just couldn't get the background to do anything I liked.
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May 042020

Title: A Difference In the Choice of Swords
Fandom: Forgotten Realms
Characters: Artemis Entreri , Jarlaxle Baenre
Rating: G ( L0 N0 S0 V0 D0 )
Warnings: None
Notes: A commission that was a gift, and I couldn't post it until it was delivered… Jarlaxle, plz. Are you trying to get stabbed? … … With something metal?
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Dec 262019

Title: The Artemeese
Fandom: Forgotten Realms, Magelight Chronicles, Dragon Age
Characters: Artemis Entreri , Artemisia β™…, Artemis Hawke
Rating: G- ( L0 N1 S0 V0 D0 )
Warnings: One assassin in slightly less than an entire shirt, less cleavage than you'd see on the evening news
Notes: A wallpaper for @Maverik, my badass co-author, featuring Artemis Entreri, Artemisia, and Artemis Hawke! You will notice a distinct lack of the goddess, here, because neither of us have written her… to my knowledge. On second thought, there may be an extended version of this, next year, with EVEN MORE Artemeese.
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Dec 142019

Title: In Keeping With the Season
Fandom: Forgotten Realms
Characters: Artemis Entreri
Rating: G- ( L0 N1 S0 V0 D0 )
Warnings: One scantily-clad assassin in snow
Notes: If you're going to keep a poisoned blade, why not do it seasonally! Everyone appreciates a fashionable assassination.
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