Nov 032013

… Is now available!

Did you grow up with a different sense of the fae? A darker understanding than the pop culture of your childhood presented? Not so convinced they're honourable, sweet, merry pranksters? This calendar is for you. Twelve months of images, featuring three families of the sorts of fae your parents should have warned you about. Four redcaps, eight lhiannan, and two sΓ­dhe drink, fight, and dance their way across the pages, with brief interludes for family and tradition.

Q: Which countries does this contain holidays for?
A: The UK and US. If there's enough demand (read: any), I'll make one with German and Canadian holidays. Yes, guys, I do know where my fans are, thanks.

Q: Are there any things you'd warn about in here?
A: Drinking and fighting. A little bit of gore, in February. Gents, ladies, and gender-neutral characters. Shirtless gents and a girl in a mini.

This product is no longer available.
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Oct 162011

Ladles and jellyspoons! Toys and churls! After a great deal of shouting and mishandling expletive phrases, the calendar is at last available! I've been bitching about this all year, and now I offer it to you…

In the world of men, there are some from outside of it, who bring with them magic and untold centuries of history. Imagine meeting them, and being drawn into a world that blends the mundane and the fantastic, sometimes with terribly jagged seams. This attractive calendar is based on The Magelight Chronicles, a steam-fantasy epic set in modern times. Across nineteen colour images, the protagonists are artfully posed around snippets of the story, offering a teasing glimpse into the upcoming book. This calendar includes both UK and US holidays. (And if you'd like a version for your country, give me a shout and I'll make it happen.)

This product is no longer available.

Full preview of all calendar pages and the cover available on the other side of that link.

Oct 142010

After many months of insanity, some editing, some cursing, and some getting completely fed up, Sky is out. No shit.

Sky (print), 227 pgs, $12.50

Highly theoretical ebook edition will be out when I get around to it. If you notice any really glaring errors, let me know, so I can fix them for the second edition. Perils of not being able to afford a proper editor…

Autographed Copies:
So, that said, there are a few people who have asked for autographed copies, and to save on shipping, I'm going to try to do all of those at once. Cost for the book will be exactly the same, but shipping will be a little more, because it's gotta come to me, and then go back out to you. If you're interested in this option, drop me a message before 10/28 with your address (or at least the city), so I can estimate the shipping cost for you, before you commit to actually paying it. I'm looking to place the bulk order before Halloween, but shipping to me has the potential to take 6-8 weeks, so … yeah. If I get them to you before Christmas, it'll be an act of god.

That said, there are two autographed copies I'm putting on hold, for the winners of this ludicrous fanworks contest I'm about to start up. Pompous ass? Me? Yeah. But, I've got at least five fans, so it's worth a shot.

Ludicrous Fanworks Contest:
Prizes: An autographed copy of Sky. (One for best fic, one for best art.)
Submissions from: 2010.10.15 – 2010.11.30
Winner announced: 2010.12.05

Theme: Fuck canon. Seriously. In the ear. As long as it's got at least one character from Sky, I'll count it. Do what you will. Bend the world to your whims…

How to enter: I'll take stuff however you can get it to me, and all entries will be reposted in a master list, with your names attached to them, so everyone can admire your awesome work. Expect to hear from me within 36 hours on any entry made, in any format. If I don't respond to say I got it, assume I didn't and try a different method.

1. It's gotta have at least one character from Sky.
2. I'll take up to three entries per person, since there are so few of you, and most of you are ridiculously creative people…
3. You can NOT win in both categories, but you can enter both.