Nov 272011

Title: By the Sword
Fandom: Magelight Chronicles
Characters: Frostburn, the Knight of Diamonds
Rating:R (L0 N3 S0 V3 D0)
Warnings: Murder. No, really. With a knife.
Notes: I'll get the one with blood up later. I'm too tired to handle the mouse with enough delicacy to make that work, right now. Bloody one's up. And yes, the lighting is feckin' awful. The Diamonds couldn't win, and I just had to capture a possible defeat… Not that I think Frost would need the knife, just that it was convenient.
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Nov 162011

Title: Vulcan Philosophy
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS and Viridian Legacy
Characters: Sin, Spock
Rating: G (L0 N0 S0 V0 D0)
Warnings: None, unless you speak Vulcan…
Notes: LiveJournalekaterin24 had a birthday, a couple days ago, and I've just now finished her present. There are two versions of the scene, a closeup of the discussion and a broader view of the Vulcan holy place I made out of spare parts.
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Nov 152011

Title: A Completely Illogical Use of Resources
Fandom: Star Trek TOS
Characters: Spock
Rating: G (L0 N0 S0 V0 D0)
Warnings: None
Notes: This is the warm-up for LiveJournalekaterin24's birthday present. I had to build me a Spock, before I could get him into any compromising positions, and I gotta say, I think I got this one right. Of course, he wouldn't look half as good, had it not been for Mylochka's awesome Vulcan skins pack. (And, yes, I am still working on a certain someone else's birthday gift, which I'll probably finish tomorrow, barring any more totally bizarre health problems.)
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Nov 132011

Title: There's No Place to Fly To
Fandom: Potterverse
Characters: Severus Snape (mentioned: Lucius Malfoy, Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy)
Rating: T (L2 N0 S0 V0 D1)
Warnings: Snape talking to himself is a lot less tasteful than his comments to other people.
Notes: I have no idea. I was going to make breakfast and watch an episode of NCIS, before I got back to work on the stack of renders I'm supposed to be working on, but then this happened. Snape, probably about book 2 or 3, considering his life to that point and his responsibility for the two boys who have come to be part of it.
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Nov 112011

Title: One Historian to Another…
Fandom: Magelight/Viridian Legacy
Characters: Sin, Frost
Rating: G-
Warnings: Bad, bad things were done to Irish history to make this story… No one is terribly likely to notice.
Notes: I just wanted to see if I could get Frost and Sin in the same place at the same time. Happy birthday, Frost! I got you something as bright and as tall as you! *laughs*
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