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Lux in tenebris lucet; vestra fandom flagrat.
A light in darkness shines; your fandom is on fire.

Greetings, readers!

Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Ywain Penbrydd, the Prince of Porn and God of a Thirty-Foot Radius, but I totally answer to ‘hey, you’. I’m also terrible at talking about myself, so I figure I’ll hit the high points, and if you want to know something else, you can ask.You might have noticed from my writing that I’m something of an obnoxious prat, with significant background in psychology and social anthropology. Those are bugs, not features. ^_^; The features are that I have a pair of BAs in English Literature and Western Religious Texts, and I am never offended by a question. You can ask me anything. Doesn’t mean I’ll answer it, but I also won’t start a flame war.

I’ve been writing for a very long time — probably close to seventeen years, now — and I’m trying to port all my work over, here, so it’ll be in one place. I’m very good at writing, but I’m also excellent at misplacing things. I started out writing poems and songs, mostly, and as I got older, I figured out that one can just as easily apply poetic sensibilities to complete sentences, so I started writing short fiction. Now, I just have to learn to apply poetic sensibilities to a novel-length work, without setting anything on fire, in the process… (I seem to be truly amazing at not writing novel-length fiction. Perhaps, I should maintain that glorious credential…)

The longest complete works I have written were composed jointly with diane_kepler. The total wordcount of the Waterverse series is somewhere in the vicinity of 80,000 words. The shortest completed works I have written were haiku. I don’t think I’ve ported those or the limericks, yet…

… … And, I think this is the part where I stop talking and try to find those appalling limericks.

— Ywain
2010.01.19 :: 21:17


Sometimes people give me cool shit. I realised I didn’t have anywhere I was listing all of it, and I tend to want to show that kind of thing off. You guys are fucking amazing. Seriously.

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