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Thanks for considering commissioning me! Please give the prices and terms & conditions a read and then fill out the form at the bottom.

Art Prices
(prices are in USD)

New Character – $45
If I don’t have the character you want, I have to build out from the basics. This process can take several weeks, and I will likely need to contact you for approval on colours and features several times. I reserve the right to add a $5 fee for tattoos, fur, scales, or other things that will involve heavy texture editing and seam alignment.

1-2 Existing Characters – $20
Characters I already have are easier to work with. Any characters on the list can be used here. Depending on the complexity of the scene, I may be willing to consider a third or fourth character at $10/character. I can’t put more than four characters in a scene, under any circumstances.

Artist’s Choice Pinup – $10
You pick a character from the list. I pick everything else. Let me know if you prefer NSFW or skimpy bikini style.

Terms & Conditions

Once I have agreed to accept a commission, I will send a PayPal invoice. Once you pay it, I will queue the work, to be handled in the order in which it was received.

No Refunds:
The commission price is non-refundable for any reason once I start work on a piece. For multi-work commissions, this applies to any works I have begun, but not those I have not started on. Please be absolutely sure about commissioning me before you do!

You may be curious how the work is coming along, before I have achieved something I feel requires your approval. You may request an update, if you haven’t heard from me in a week, and I’ll show you what I have and let you know what I think is wrong with it, OR let you know where you are in the queue, if I haven’t started yet.

When I have questions that would affect the work, I will send you a sample and request your opinion, before I continue. The quicker you get back to me, the quicker I get back to work.

I reserve the right to decline a proposed commission for any reason.

I retain all rights to the work, including any and all electronic rights and usage, the right to reproduce, show, display, and use the work as I see fit.

I do not sell prints of commissioned works to third parties, unless that is specifically arranged with the commissioner, ahead of time. If you desire a print of your own commission, without offering it for general sale, let me know, and I will arrange that.

You, the commissioner, may post/display the work wherever and in whatever manner you wish, although if it is used in a commercial manner, it must be accompanied by a credit.

Request Form

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How many new characters will I need to create?
($45 each, includes one final image)

If any, describe those characters.

How many final images do you want?
($20 each, except as included above)

Describe the images you'd like -- what sort of theme, clothing, or poses are you looking for?

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Is there anything else I should know?

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