Commission Request Form


Thanks for considering commissioning me! Please give the prices and terms & conditions a read and then fill out the form at the bottom.

Art Prices (in USD)

New Character – $45

If I don't have the character you want, I have to build out from the basics. This process can take a while, and I will likely need to contact you for approval on colours and features several times. Please be aware that I may not be able to perfectly recreate certain clothing or hair styles, but I will attempt to make substitutions in keeping with the original vibe.

Pain In My Ass Fee: I reserve the right to add a $5 fee for tattoos, fur, scales, or other things that will increase the difficulty.

Reference Sheet – $15

Is that character your OC? Would you like a handy reference to show other artists, when requesting future commissions? These ref sheets include four full-body neutral poses (front, back, both sides), four head images (neutral front, both sides, fave expression front), colour swatches, the character's name and preferred title/descriptor, and (if you provide it or a good description of it) a coat of arms or insignia for the character or the group they belong to. (Example is NSFW)

Discount Available! Only $10 if you request the sheet at the same time as a New Character!

Emotion Sets – $15

Usually used in RP, but great for whatever you want your character's face on, a set of 12 facial expressions for specific emotions! You get a jpg grid containing all the expressions, plus 12 individual 200px expression images in your choice of jpg (with background) or png (transparent)! Your choice of simple sky (blue, sunset, rain, night), window with sky (fancy, square), wall (stone, wood, paint), solid-colour, or transparent backgrounds! (Example is SFW)

Discount Available! Only $10 if you request the set at the same time as a New Character!

1-2 Existing Characters – $20

Characters I already have are easier to work with. Any characters on the list can be used here. Let me know what type of scene you're looking for and which characters go in it. Links to pose, outfit, and expression references are greatly appreciated.

More Characters! Depending on the complexity of the scene, I may be willing to consider a third or fourth character at $10/character. I can't put more than four characters in a scene, under any circumstances.

Artist's Choice Pinup – $10

You pick a character from the list. I pick everything else. Let me know if you prefer nude or scantily-clad.

Terms & Conditions


Once I have agreed to accept a commission, I will send a PayPal invoice. Once you pay it, I will queue the work, to be handled in the order in which it was received.


If you change your mind, let me know before I start working on your piece. The commission price is non-refundable for any reason once I start work on a piece. For multi-work commissions, this applies to any works I have begun, but not those I have not started on. Please be absolutely sure about commissioning me before you do!


You may be curious how the work is coming along, before I have achieved something I feel requires your approval. You may request an update, if you haven't heard from me in a week, and I'll show you what I have and let you know what I think is wrong with it, OR let you know where you are in the queue, if I haven't started yet.

When I have questions that would affect the work, I will send you a sample and request your opinion, before I continue. The quicker you get back to me, the quicker I get back to work.


I reserve the right to decline a proposed commission for any reason.

I retain all rights to the work, including any and all electronic rights and usage, the right to reproduce, show, display, and use the work as I see fit.

I do not sell prints of commissioned works to third parties, unless that is specifically arranged with the commissioner, ahead of time. If you desire a print of your own commission, without offering it for general sale, let me know, and I will arrange that.

You, the commissioner, may post/display the work wherever and in whatever manner you wish, excluding use in things that can reasonably be interpreted as hate speech or callouts. If the work is used in a commercial manner, it must be accompanied by a credit.

Request Form

    Required fields: I'm going to need at least a name, email, and image description, and you do have to agree to the terms & conditions.

    Your Name/Handle

    Your Email

    How many new characters will I need to create? (Each character includes one final image.)

    Describe those characters. If more than one, please number them. Include colours for hair, eyes, skin, and tattoos, even if you're adding reference images.

    If you would like a Reference Sheet ($10 each) for any of those characters, please select which ones, below. (This is why you numbered them!) Hold CTRL to select more than one.

    If you would like an Emotion Set ($10 each) for any of those characters, please select which ones, below. (This is why you numbered them!) Hold CTRL to select more than one.

    How many Artist's Choice images do you want?

    How many other final images do you want?

    Describe the images you'd like -- which character(s) and what sort of theme, clothing, or poses are you looking for, for each image? If you're requesting more than one image, please number them!

    If you would like reference sheets or emotion sets for existing characters ($15 each), please list those characters here and tell me which you're looking for.

    If you have reference images for characters or poses, please paste the URLs below, one per line.

    Is there anything else I should know?