May 062010

Title: The Waterverse
Fandom: ST TOS
Characters: Spock, Christopher Pike, (OCs) Starek & his crew, T'Nis & her cult, Tunor & Selov
Rating:Β E
Warnings: Hand!porn, alien!peen, Romulans, crazy Vulcans
Notes: If you want to share the Waterverse with your crazy Trekkie friends, please link to this post, as it's got everything in one place. There are chapter links within the larger fics.
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Dec 162009

Title: Too Many Fingers, Not Enough Pie [part I]
Fandom: ST XI
Characters: Spock, Spock!Prime, Starek, Stavret, Orion Engineers
Rating: M
Warnings: Smut, language, foreign language…
Notes: Another one I started and didn't finish for the crackmeme. It's on my queue. I'll finish it, eventually. OP requested a hand!porn orgy, and I have cheerfully provided.
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