Mar 232010

Title: The Taste of Peanut Butter
Fandom: Bleach
Characters: Ishida Uryuu, Ayasegawa Yumichika, some cameos.
Rating: T
Warnings: Inappropriate appreciation of peanut butter.
Notes: So, I made a promise that if I got selected as a mod of bleach_yaoi, I'd write a story that involved Ishida and peanut butter. This isn't at all where I expected this to go, but hey, something made it past the writers' block, so I think I'm good with it.
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Oct 192008

Title: Bellflower (part II)
Fandom: Bleach
Characters: Ayasegawa Yumichika, Ishida Uryuu (Abarai Renji, Kurosaki Ichigo, Kurosaki Isshin, Kuchiki Rukia)
Rating: T
Warnings: A funeral, Ichigo's penchant for expletives, Renji's sense of humour.
Notes: This was intended to be funny, and in it's own way, it is — but only if you've been to *that funeral*. Those who have, and see their own family in the telling, will be amused. Those who haven't will probably be horrified and disgusted. What can I say? We can only write what we know.
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Oct 162008

Title: Bellflower
Fandom: Bleach
Characters: Ishida Uryuu, Ayasegawa Yumichika
Rating: G-
Warnings: None, yet.
Notes: I forget what the hell I was reading, but suddenly it struck me that Yumichika and Ishida were a perfect complement to each other… I expect a chapter 2, but doubt it'll be much longer.
Disclaimer: Bleach is the property of Kubo Tite. I just borrow his characters and play with them.
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