Jul 132018

Title: A Developing Appreciation of Dog Country
Fandom: Dragon Age
Characters: Valery de Serault
Rating: M ( L0 N3 S0 V0 D0 )
Warnings: Naked mage
Notes: A little something for Tumblrmail-order-superhero, who has been down, of late. I could think of little more cheer inducing than naked mages, in particular, this drunken wanker, most of all. I’ll say Val came to his appreciation of both Ferelden and elves late in life, and both from the same source.
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Apr 192018

Title: April Pinup 04 – Supper, Interrupted
Fandom: Dragon Age
Characters: Nathaniel Howe
Rating: M ( L0 N3 S0 V0 D1 )
Warnings: Scantily clad Fereldan rug
Notes: Anda has an ongoing desire for more of Nate’s finer features, so here he is, trying to avoid whatever the Prince has stuck his foot in, just for one night.
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Feb 262018

Title: Curiosity Satisfied
Fandom: Dragon Age
Characters: Val de Serault , Ceran Mahariel , a cat
Rating: M ( L0 N3 S2 V0 D0 )
Warnings: Naked elf, half clothed Orlesian, smol pointy kitty
Notes: Poor Val. Ceran will always be way too much elf for him, in any way that matters. (most things are too much for val, really… except ceran’s mass. ass? ass mass. MASSIVE ASS. that’s always a good thing.) Just a junk doodle for Tumblrmail-order-superhero, who needed more OCs and cats, yesterday. (but it took me too long to get my shit together, so now it’s today…)
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Jan 152018

Title: A Habit of Elves
Fandom: Dragon Age
Characters: Artemis Hawke , Fen’Din ,
Rating: M ( L0 N3 S3 V0 D0 )
Warnings: Nude dudes seriously considering it
Notes: Here, have this half-finished dumb doodle I was shitting around with. Probably not actually going to finish it, but it exists.
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Oct 092017

Title: Val de Serault – Test
Fandom: Dragon Age
Characters: Val de Serault
Rating: M (L0 N3 S0 V0 D1)
Warnings: Fashion and nudity in a tavern
Notes: So, I was shitting around doing clothing tests on Val, because I also wanted to do some work on his skin (because I have Val before the deep roads, but not after that Emissary nailed him in the face) when I also realised I’d never done him with no makeup. So, this set also includes Val in his underwear without his face on. (Yeah, he wears a corset so no one will figure out he’s gotten a little thicker in the middle than he was at twenty-five.)
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Jul 262017

Title: An Afternoon Affair
Fandom: Dragon Age
Characters: Nathaniel Howe
Rating: M (L0 N2 S0 V0 D0 )
Warnings: Fluffy man bosoms, dat ass
Notes: Happy belated birthday to me. No, seriously. I just spent like three damn days making myself a birthday present, because I wanted Nate’s ass on my dash and nobody else was gonna do it. *laughs* … … that said it is just now occurring to me that I forgot to add hair to his legs, but I am soaked in sweat and I do not care.
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Apr 302017

Title: Hope You’re Happy Too
Fandom: Dragon Age
Characters: Kinnon , Peryn
Rating: M (L0 N3 S3 V0 D0)
Warnings: Nude dudes smooching
Notes: So, I actually finished this during the party, yesterday, before people really started showing up…and then forgot to post it. Because that’s how I am. Kinnon and Peryn are adorable dorks, even while naked. It’s a fact.
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