Apr 042014

Title: A Scholarly Debate
Fandom: N/A
Characters: Cædmon , Drost
Rating: Rating: <span style=T" src="https://penbrydd.groundline.net/wp-content/luxintenebris/rating/PG13.jpg" width="32px" /> (L0 N0 S0 V2 D0)
Warnings: A whole lot of facepunching.
Notes: So, you know me and academia. *snrk* I know I've introduced these two before, but I'll do it again. CΓ¦dmon is a scholar, above all things, but he's very much an outdoor sort of scholar. A student of the wild, an archaeologist, an anthropologist, and a shaman. He's one of a coterie of nerds from the lesser houses of Summer, who's managed to stumble into a spot as one of the court historians. Drost, of course, is essentially his Winter counterpart. More an indoor wizard, than an outdoor shaman, Drost tends heavily toward book-learning. Languages, written histories, art history, and architecture are his preferred fields. Needless to say, their fields overlap. And there is usually a war on. But, scholars have never needed politics for times like these — just egos. (Reposted because I'm an idiot and included the unedited image the first time…)
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