May 062010

Title: Corybantic Dance Redux
Fandom: CD2
Characters: Quentin, Mike, Jasper, Spark (other characters mentioned, but not appearing)
Rating: G--R
Warnings: Violence, hospitals, expletives, drugs, kid sister, Korean jokes, mom jokes…
Notes: It's a bildungsroman. Story of some kids in high school who then grow up to live their dreams, in unexpected ways. The original Corybantic Dance was an epic-length HSAU Naruto fanfic. It got so damn bizarre, we just refit it as original fic, but never re-released the core. Credit for Jasper, Donna, Adam, and Colin goes to my former co-author, Runawayballista.
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Apr 142010

[ Master Posts: Sky | Corybantic Dance Redux | Mitarashi Games ]
Title: Fifteen Words Meme
Fandom: Sky/MG/CD Redux
Characters: Severen, Sin, Viridian Doll, Mike, Quentin, Spark, Meeps
Rating: T
Warnings: Crackfic, expletives, and bizarre implications.
Notes: Nicked this abject foolishness from [info]oceansex's post on [info]chuunin.

1. Write down the names of 10 characters.
2. Write a fic of fifteen words or less for every prompt, using the characters determined by the numbers. Do NOT read the prompts before you do step 1.

Because I'm a giant nerd, I used all OCs from three different 'verses: Sky, Corybantic Dance Redux, and Mitarashi Games. Damnfool shenanigans are below the cut.
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Apr 252009

Title: Music
Fandom: Corybantic Dance 2
Characters: Quentin, Jasper, Marshall
Rating: T
Warnings: Some expletives.
Notes: Finally, one without jokes about anyone's mom. Jasper's kinda lost his shit, here, but those who read the original CD know that Marshall looks up to Quentin as a demigod.
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Apr 212009

Title: Parents
Fandom: Corybantic Dance 2
Characters: Marshall Song, Jasper Whitaker
Rating: T
Warnings: Marshall's mouth
Notes: And, yesterday was Marshall's day, so today I have to get them back together! Marshall and Jasper are in their early 30s, here. Also, Jasper belongs to my former co-author Haya, so my nuances are way off, here.
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