Jul 182022

Title: The Poisoner's Triumph
Fandom: Magelight Chronicles
Characters: Aurelio Merlo
Rating: T ( L0 N1 S0 V0 D0 )
Warnings: Very long hair as substitute for clothing, glowing magical liquid
Notes: So, back when I was still figuring out How To Art, I did 'A Glass of Poison'. And I wasn't happy with it, so I did it again about two years later. (Both versions are in that post.) So, when I came back at it for a third pass, I decided to do something a little different, but still much the same theme. And you know what? It still looks like crap, but better crap. *laughs* Sometimes, you just can't win.
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Jul 112022

Title: Eternally Dystopic
Fandom: Magelight Chronicles
Characters: Margery the Laundress
Rating: G ( L0 N0 S0 V0 D0 )
Warnings: None
Notes: In the original story, Margery was a 17th century laundress, who'd gone blind from a lifetime working with boiling lye. She'd been stolen by the faeries — or more accurately, married into the family — and lived far longer than she might have otherwise, in the London of her time. But, being married to the house necromancer, she hung around after her death, and has tried to embrace the changes in the world around her. This piece puts her in a classic cyberpunk future that is fundamentally the evolution of the world in which she lived. all of this has happened before, and it will all happen again
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Jul 072022

Title: The Light of an Unseen Sun
Fandom: Dragon Age
Characters: Fen'Din Surana
Rating: T ( L0 N2 S0 V0 D0 )
Warnings: Scantily-clad elf
Notes: So, I forgot to update my list, and I made a pinup for somebody who's not paying me for pinups any more. *laughs* Anyway, assume the title is a reference to something involving elves and titans. and dwarves falling into the sky
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Jul 042022

Title: The Smouldering Smith
Fandom: Magelight Chronicles
Characters: Emoric
Rating: G- ( L0 N1 S0 V0 D0 )
Warnings: One shirtless dude
Notes: I will never stop being surprised when Magelight wins the extras poll. This is Emoric, a minor character in the original story, who was a bit of a gearhead at a time that mostly meant clocks and windmills. Making horseshoes and shovel blades paid the bills, though. By the 'present day', in canon, Emoric's a ghost still trying to communicate his designs for better machinery.
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