Vexation of Spirit


Fanfic. A Criminal Minds/Lone Gunmen/Shadow Unit crossover. The internet is for porn.

It all starts with hostages and bombs. Garcia needs another set of hands, and she reaches out to a hacker she used to know — the best of the best, at the time — sending Reid to do the negotiating for her. Before the case is over, Reid finds himself caught up in a whirlwind sex farce that might be a blossoming romance. Mayhem, chair sex, hallucinatory exhaustion, and an awful lot of ridiculous accidents follow, because what purpose does genius serve, if not an excuse to ignore common sense?


Vanity and Vexation of Spirit

Police Drama, Sex Farce


Even the Office of Unsurpassed Excellence needs an extra pair of hands, every once in a while, and who better than someone who handled the weirdest shit the Bureau had to offer, before he … 'died'. Reid goes to babysit for the duration of the assignment. Mayhem ensues.

Complete: 09 Jun 2018


Virgins and Unicorns

Awkward Romance, Sex Farce


A couple of weeks after the Vanity case, Reid ends up with some unexpected gifts. Fortunately, he's on leave for a week, and has time to figure out how to handle this. And then Langly shows up at the door.

Complete: 28 Jun 2018


In Vain Conceit

Police Drama, Awkward Romance


Vanity's been arrested, after theft of data from another source, but Garcia doesn't think they've got the right person. Neither does Langly.

Complete: 09 Jul 2018