Oct 062013

Title: You Only Think I Walked Into That
Fandom: Winter
Characters: Siobhan , Roisin , Conall , Finnegan
Rating:Β Rating: <span style=T" src="https://penbrydd.groundline.net/wp-content/luxintenebris/rating/PG13.jpg" width="32px" /> (L0 N1 S0Β V2 D0)
Warnings: Knife fight, miniskirt, shirtless dudes
Notes: Last one! Now I just have to go back and sketch the grass into a few of these, clean up a few glaring glitches I missed the first time, and… BUILD THE COVER! Calendar should be out on the 15th, assuming nothing catches fire.
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Sep 252013

Title: October: You Know You Want To
Fandom: Winter
Characters: Siobhan , Conall
Rating: G (L0 N0 S0 V0 D0)
Warnings: None
Notes: I really got lucky with the faces, this time. I don't even know, I was aiming for tempting and considering, and I think I got it in one. Still took three shots to straighten out the rest of it.
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Sep 132013

Title: Siobhan & Roisin (Test)
Fandom: Winter
Characters: Siobhan , Roisin
Rating: G- (L0 N1 S0 V0 D0)
Warnings: Pointy teeth? A lot of leg?
Notes: So I keep spacing that Sullivan and Finnegan are two of five, not two of three. Yes, that does mean I'm still missing their other brother. But, here's the sisters! Roisin's really sweet and cute, or as sweet and cute as a girl can be who literally eats people for breakfast. Siobhan's got politics and a fetish for explosives, and she's been expressly forbidden from blowing anything up within two hundred miles of the house. Because no, that's why, and never mind about your uncle Rodney. No post on these, because they're just tests.
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