Nov 032013

… Is now available!

Did you grow up with a different sense of the fae? A darker understanding than the pop culture of your childhood presented? Not so convinced they’re honourable, sweet, merry pranksters? This calendar is for you. Twelve months of images, featuring three families of the sorts of fae your parents should have warned you about. Four redcaps, eight lhiannan, and two sídhe drink, fight, and dance their way across the pages, with brief interludes for family and tradition.

Q: Which countries does this contain holidays for?
A: The UK and US. If there’s enough demand (read: any), I’ll make one with German and Canadian holidays. Yes, guys, I do know where my fans are, thanks.

Q: Are there any things you’d warn about in here?
A: Drinking and fighting. A little bit of gore, in February. Gents, ladies, and gender-neutral characters. Shirtless gents and a girl in a mini.

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