Jan 212003

Title: Electric Simplicity
Fandom: N/A
Characters: N/A
Rating: T
Notes: Ars(e) Poetica #25. January 21, 2003. Original commentary: "this was sketched out on the fly simply to prove that I could still do it when presented with a worthy subject. thank you for being alive, and moreso, thank you for giving me the tools to recover my mind."

bright eyes, behind which nimble neurons roost
sparkling with generous, warm fire
good intentions merrily induced
and a simple lecherous desire

from me desire seems so unsurprising
i, in its permutations, earned my name
that name i spent so many years revising
by trying to hunt quieter sorts of game

with smiles i stumble on my last solution
i've met my twisted mirror image here
he smiles like a razor in the morning
and sharply strikes away my creeping fears

my rambling words, the only price i pay
to watch my world grow brighter by the day

2003.01.21 :: #25

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