Jun 252010

[ Sky – Master Post ]
Title: Fun With Light and Shadow
Fandom: Sky
Characters: Sin, Severen
Rating: E
Warnings: Smut and questionable lighting. And smut. Did I say smut?
Notes: I'm mostly just screwing around with lighting the same scene(s) differently, so it's multiple copies of the same thing, each lit in a new and failtastic manner. I'll stop sucking at lights, one of these years. Since I'm working at 1024×768, these pics are smaller than they should be. Click them to make them bigger.

Weird lighting on the forehead is weird.

The difference between this one and the next one is really subtle. I actually changed some of the angles on Sin's body, to catch the light a little differently. Check out the forehead and the hips.

Dramatic lighting is dramatic.

Possible more of this, later. Right now, I'm just getting disgruntled.

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