Jul 202010

[ Sky – Master Post ]
Title: Night – Plates
Fandom: Sky
Characters: Sin, Sebastian
Rating: T
Warnings: Naked people kissing. Lots of skin, none of it of particular prurient interest.
Notes: I'm still working on the plates for the book. This one's for Night, in which Sebastian expresses his respect for the cold, and then uses it to his advantage. I've been working like a raving lunatic on the view through the window, which probably doesn't even matter, since the finished print is going to be all of like 4.5" square and in b/w. And getting that late-night reflected light feel is killing me. I still suck at lights.

I swear to god, I spent an hour posing that kiss.

Failure to have a bg is immediately apparent.

Lighting's too dark and so's the bg. So, then…

Lighting's too bright, and the ground, outside, is too high. This is the second storey.

This is a little less hideous. Unfortunately, I've still got some weird lighting inside the room, and the join between the sky and the ground is way too sharp.

SOMEWHERE, SOMETHING IS STILL REFLECTIVE. FFFFFF. I don't care. I'm tired of looking at this scene, for the moment. I may care again, later. GLOWY. EYEBROWS. *blink*


Ended up using this one, because it converts to b/w the best.

This one's the most realistic lighting I could manage. There are over fifty individual lights in this scene, and I am so done fucking with it.

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