Aug 092010

[ Sky – Master Post ]
Title: Kiss the Sky – Plates
Fandom: Sky
Characters: Sin, Sebastian
Rating: G-
Warnings: Implications
Notes: Working VERY HARD, now… The publication deadline is sneaking up on me, and I'm nowhere near finishing these damn plates. I hope you guys can forgive me if only some of the stories are illustrated…


There is some utterly bizarre shit going on, here, with the lights and the set pieces for the rocks. They're not lighting properly…

Lights are imperfect, but less wonky. I like this coat a little better on Sin, but his hair won't play nice with it. You can't tell in the yellow light, but it's blue. *smirks*

For future reference, the answer to the lighting problem with the beach is 160. Just need to fix Sin's hair and Sebastian's right arm. I may actually re-tint both the coat and Sin's hair…


OMG! OMG! There's no post on this, and it looks good.

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