Aug 112010

[ Sky – Master Post ]
Title: Ten Things About Severen
Fandom: Sky
Characters: Severen
Rating: G-
Warnings: Depressing?
Notes: So, I'm going to do a full series of scraps with weird notes about everyone in Sky. These are mostly going to be things that didn't come up in the text, or things that people were lying about in the text. First up, Severen.

1. He will throw a fit if you call him Severen while he's not on tour, or giving an interview. He's just Sebastian, when he's home. No one interesting. No one at all.

2. He's ambidextrous, although it doesn't come up often, since most things are designed for right-handed people.

3. Despite the ongoing cannoli argument with Betty, he can't stand sugary things. He complains that sugar tastes like pain and burning, and he may actually have a mild allergy.

4. He chain-smokes cheap cigarettes, but only on tour. Says it keeps him from killing people in their sleep.

5. He's the smallest person in his family, in three generations, and although he doesn't know it, it's because of how he ate, growing up — or rather, how his father fed him.

6. He has no doubt in his mind that, of all of them, he's the lucky one. Doesn't mean he doesn't sometimes wish he was Lir.

7. Until he was twenty-five, he never said he loved anyone but his mother, responding to Sin's proclamations with "I know you do", "I can tell", or "I'm sorry". He regularly said that Sin was like a brother to him, though — all the family he had.

8. Every time Betty slaps someone, he flinches. The older he gets, the less noticeable it becomes.

9. He rarely sleeps well enough to dream, and when he does, those dreams are inevitably nightmares, loosely based in his childhood, unless he's sleeping with Sin. With Sin, he dreams of fantastic places he's never been and will likely never be. But, he dreams so rarely, anyway, and after all those years, the lack of proper sleep has made him more than a little strange.

10. He lives in terror, every second, every day. Even in his brightest and most perfect moments, he's always waiting for the other shoe to drop. It's not rational, but it's saved his life more than once.

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