Jun 162010

[ Sky – Master Post ]
Title: In the Garden
Fandom: Sky
Characters: Baron, Betty, Arkady, Lir
Rating: G-
Warnings: None
Notes: So, I still can't do a scene with props and more than three figures. Crashed in the middle of a render, right after I added Lir. Faked my way through a few partial shots… Tomorrow I'll try to finish this set.

Light and colour test. Neither great nor appalling.

Sin's supposed to be up on the balcony with Betty, and Baron should be talking to Lir. Added Lir, everything exploded. Also, you can barely tell, at this distance, but Arkady's pants are the wrong colour…

Turned Betty invisible, dropped a section of the floor, and changed the lights. Lights will continue to make me cranky.

Arkady: Baron hasn't shut up about that girl, yet.
Severen: Don't tell me. Please. I've had my share of disgusting for the day.

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