Jun 152010

[ Sky – Master Post ]
Title: Baron – Test Renders
Fandom: Sky
Characters: Baron, Lir, some fangirl
Rating: G-
Warnings: Bad lighting
Notes: I still can't light a scene worth a fuck. This is not news. Baron von Nocturne wears suits, when he's not on stage. This is news. I didn't realise quite how 80s that little git was, until now.

This was really just a colour test. I liked it, so I kept the skin and hair.

Illuminated crotch of lights fail…

Lir's a lot less swank, when he's not in public, and Baron's probably giving him shit about those shoes… I didn't bother taking a final shot of Lir, here, because I couldn't get his face to do anything even slightly appropriate. I dunno. I'm just not on, today.

C'mon, you didn't really think I was going to end the night without throwing in a squealing fangirl, didja? It's Baron, for shitsake.

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