Jun 082010

[ Sky – Master Post ]
Title: Her Wildest Dreams
Fandom: Sky
Characters: Betty, Sin, Arkady
Rating: M
Warnings: Wang
Notes: I got pissed off after I crashed the damn machine, working on the last image of the band, so here's some frivolous not-quite-smut. If the images go missing from the post, let me know, and I'll find another host for them.

The angle sucks, and I never finished posing Betty's hand, but I really like what the lighting does to the colours and edges.

Sin, she thinks, would ravish her quite competently, before handing her a cup of tea and going back to whatever it was he was actually doing. … If, of course, they weren't both too concerned with Severen's reaction to such a thing.

Arkady, on the other hand, she's certain should not be allowed to make his own decisions in most situations, these situations included.

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