Jun 032010

[ Sky – Master Post ]
Title: The Most Sparkling Star
Fandom: Sky
Characters: Betty, Arkady
Rating: G-
Warnings: Slightly sappy? No post-work?
Notes: I just offered up a render of a Sky character of choice to whoever could answer a silly question on LJ, so I figured I should get off my ass and make sure I had finished models for at least most of them. Here's Betty and Arkady in what appears to be a wicked romance. They're supposed to look like they might be related — they get mistaken for brother and sister quite a bit — so tell me if I'm anywhere near that.

[IMG] betty-arkady-01.png
Arkady looks kind of squishy, here. Betty looks surprised. I don't really like this one.

[IMG] betty-arkady-02.png
This one's got much clearer intent, and maybe a little disdain.

[IMG] betty-arkady-03.png
I was really just playing with shadows, here.

[IMG] betty-arkady-04.png
More dramatic shadow.

[IMG] betty-arkady-05.png
I don't know what Arkady just said, but I think he's about to get his face slapped off.

[IMG] betty-arkady-06.jpg
Tell me that in different shades, this wouldn't be Freya and Loki… Also, I really love how Betty's eyelashes came out.

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