Jul 272010

[ Sky – Master Post ]
Title: Random Birthday Renders
Fandom: Sky
Characters: Arkady
Rating: G-
Warnings: Pure crack.
Notes: So, I got some cool stuff, for my birthday… and then I made some cool stuff… I've been putting dear Arkady through render-hell while I try out my toys.

So, one thing I got was this handy widget that lets one build expressions by selecting parts from a list. It's fucking genius. My life just got so much easier. Oh, and one-click facial hair. ON ANY SKIN TEXTURE. YAY.

So, Fritz and I had a 'hey, that looks like Jesus' moment, here…

And then there came poorly-lit cranky!Jesus.

Started screwing with templating and skin design. I've got some things that I just love, but I'd love them more in a different colour…

Got some pixellation in the lower lip, here, and the displacement map on the scar's not right.

This one's a lot like the default for Arkady, but the reds are darker and more solid.

I like how the scar came out, here.

That scar? I made that. No template. I'm still screwing with it. I think it might be too wide.

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