Nov 102009

[ Sky – Master Post ]
Title: Amazing
Fandom: Sky
Characters: Sin, Severen
Rating: T
Warnings: Faggotry, pantslessness, Sev's mouth
Notes: Having epic trouble getting started with the 7 in 7, over here. This one's going to be Sky, the whole way through, and Severen's being cranky about it. To start, it's Severen's thirty-sixth birthday, and Sin's up to something.

"Goddammit, Sin, what are you spending my money on, this time?" Severen balked, when Singularity came in, carrying a shopping bag from a rather pricey shop.

"Hey, hey, it's not all your money. I spent mine on this. It's part of your birthday present." Sin stuck out his tongue and headed for the stairs.

"How many times do I have to tell you to stop spending money because I'm getting older? I'm old! It's not an excuse to splurge!"

Sin leaned over the bannister and grinned. "If you're old, what does that make me?"

"Dead. Especially if you keep buying frivolous crap for me," Severen snarked back.

"Oh, I don't know, Batty… I think you'll like this year's frivolous indulgence." Sin's eyes sparkled, as he pulled out his hair-tie and shot it at Severen's forehead, leaving his long, red hair to spill forward, shading his face. "You didn't complain too much about last year's either."

Severen snatched the hair-tie out of the air, with a grimace of disapproval. "Last year, you got me cardboard standups of all the professors I hated at MSU and a .38 revolver. That was actually funny."

"So, trust me, already. I've been wrong … hmm… twice? In the last fifteen years? And one of those is only if you're counting Christmas, too." Sin grinned, with a languid mischief he usually reserved for spectacular ideas — good or bad.

"Why did I ever tell you about my birthday?" Severen groaned.

"I got you drunk, first," Sin laughed, and then vanished up the stairs, leaving Severen to wonder what he'd be subjected to, this year.

The thing about Severen Bellamorte was that he hated birthdays. But, that wasn't quite accurate — he hated his own birthdays. Sin's birthdays were great — just another opportunity to indulge that beautiful man's lush tastes — but Sin never looked any older. Severen could see the faint creases beginning in his own skin, and he wondered when his utterly uncharming personality would no longer be enough to keep Sin's attention. It had been fifteen years, and a genuinely startling fifteen years, but nothing lasted forever — especially when you started looking your age, and you'd been hatchet-faced, to begin with.

So, every year, he quietly hoped that Singularity would forget, and he'd get older in peace. But, it never worked that way. Sin always remembered and always reminded him.

He woke to a dark room and — no, that wasn't accurate. He woke to a soft blindfold. "Sin…" Severen warned.

"Patience, Batty. I'm not done," Sin chided.

Severen groaned and pulled the blanket over his head. It was too early for this, not by the actual time of day, but by the fact that he'd just woken up. Slowly the objective timestream filtered back into his consciousness, and he came to a drippy and unstable realisation. "It's Tuesday, isn't it."

"Might be. Wouldn't you like to know?" Singularity offered, flippantly, still quietly moving through the room.

"No, actually, if it's Tuesday, I don't want to know. If it's Tuesday, I'm thirty fucking six." Severen groaned again. "I never did get the hang of Tuesdays."

"Oooh. Riffing on Adams." Sin laughed. "You can't just give in and enjoy yourself until I prove you have to, can you?"

"Fuck off." Severen tucked the blanket more tightly around himself and rolled over.

"Now, now, that's no way to start the best day of the year!" Sin grabbed the blanket and hauled back, with all his weight, dumping Severen unceremoniously back onto the bed. "I was kind of hoping to get the fuck on."

Severen finally ripped off the blindfold, throwing it at Sin. "What th—" he started, but the incipient malediction ceased instantly at the sight of the low candles that dressed every flat surface in the room.

"A grand total of one for every year you've lived, counting the ones in the bathroom. And I made sure they smelled like your favourite thing." Sin leaned smugly against a dresser, as he set a box of matches atop it.

"Oh, bullshit." Severen's eyes widened, and he sat bolt upright, letting the momentum carry him smoothly to his feet. "They don't make candles that smell like that. There is no way — no earthly way. It's like the antithesis of candle."

"No, it's the antithesis of ignorance. Didn't you pay attention in school?"

Severen grabbed a pillow and spun, arm cocked, and then he stopped. "Remind me to bludgeon you, when I'm not in danger of setting the room on fire."

"Thank you, dear." Sin slunk forth, plucking the pillow from Severen's hands and pulling him into a kiss of the variety that makes the world go hazy. "You haven't commented on my attire, yet, you know."

"What?" Severen stared into Sin's eyes, dazedly. "You… what? You're wearing a bathrobe. It's the same black bathrobe you've had for years."

"I like it. It's got history." Sin nipped at Severen's lip. "Not the point. The point is that you're already out of bed and you haven't started opening your presents, yet."

"What does that have to do with your ba— Oh." Severen grabbed the belt of the bathrobe, in one hand, and raised his eyebrow. "I should trust you? You know me so well after fifteen years? Then why are you talking about sex before coffee?"

Sin laughed. He laughed so hard, his head came to rest on Severen's shoulder as he continued to try to get a grip on his witless giggling. "Coffee's next to the bathtub. The bathtub that you should get into before the water gets cold."

Now, he had Severen's attention. "Oh, really? And will you be joining me in the bathtub?"

"Maybe after you've had some coffee," Sin joked, untying Severen's pajama pants and waiting for the sound of cloth hitting the floor, before he swept Severen off his feet, carrying his protesting prize toward the door.

"Wait, wait." Severen grabbed the door frame, then reached out for a nearby candle. "I have to know," he said, blowing it out and smelling the rising smoke. His face twisted in amused horror. "That smells like… Where in the hell did you find candles that smell like books?"

"That's for me to know and you to boggle about. You'll love me when you smell the bath."

"Sin, I already love you." Severen said it like he was stating the most obvious fact in existence.

"I know you do." Singularity stepped into the bathroom and lowered Severen into the warm, orangey bathwater. "I just like to remind you that I still love you, sometimes."

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