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Title: Inappropriate Behaviour
Fandom: ST XI
Characters: Spock, Kirk
Rating: M
Warnings: Stripping, references to past and future smut
Notes: OP asked for Kirk stripping for Spock on video chat, while Spock is teaching a class. This fill sucks, and I really have no excuse.

From this prompt:
(516): im stripping for him via video chat, but the sound is turned off cause his students are taking a test

can we have kirk/spock or mccoy/spock
with someone stripping for him on the computer while spock teaches a class
(and maybe jacking off for him?)
and spock being REALLY turned on, but unable to do anything about it
coming in his pants or quickly leaving class for hot, desperate sex plz

Spock had taken a couple semesters off, in the wake of his first five-year mission, and he'd decided to spend them teaching. Somehow, the Academy's scheduled simplicity was soothing after five years of non-stop adventure. He revelled in the knowledge that when he was off work, he was really off, until the next morning, and he could spend that time doing whatever he saw fit, with little fear of interruption. Unless that interruption was named James T. Kirk.

He glanced down at the screen on his desk, angled so the class couldn't see what he was doing. They were taking a test. He was conversing with his increasingly illogical … he supposed 'lover' was the correct word.

JTK: So, they're taking a test, right? Not gonna bother you for a while?

PointyBirds: Why do you ask?

JTK: Well, then none of them will see me do this…
* JTK is offering video.

PointyBirds: Do what, now?

Spock watched Jim slide a finger into his mouth, teasingly smirking into the camera, as he sucked. One of Spock's ears twitched, in irritation. How was he supposed to concentrate on his class, with this going on? A second finger joined the first, and Jim's other hand travelled the lines of his clothed body, tightening the cloth as he writhed, kneeling on the bed, displaying himself at better angles.

PointyBirds: This is entirely inappropriate behaviour.

JTK: For you, maybe. You're the one in class. (He stuck his tongue out, on screen.)

PointyBirds: And you are more than aware of that fact.

JTK: And yet, you're still watching. I can see the camera icon's lit up.


Jim flicked his tongue between his fingers and grinned. He slowly leaned back, letting his shirt pool about his shoulders, and then slithering out of it, as he sat back up. His hands travelled the smooth planes of his chest, fingertips lingering at the curves of muscle, caressing the ragged paths of scars. He paid special attention to that rich pink scar that stretched across the bottom of his ribs — a memorial to a more recent time the life had almost bled out of him.

Spock's attention caught on that scar, and he could recall the feel of the rippled edge against his tongue. It was odd that a symbol of narrowly-dodged death could bring so much pleasure in life, but the tips of Spock's ears greened slightly as he watched Jim writhe, fingers dancing across that scar. He could hear the echoes of Jim's pleading moans, if he let his mind wander — the sounds his captain made, under his tongue. And for once, he was no longer cold, on the Academy grounds. Hot lust pooled in his palms like a sticky liquid that drizzled between his fingers.

Jim leaned toward the console, again, as Spock absently rubbed at his lip with one finger.

JTK: Hey, watch it. As much as I want to watch you suck your fingers until you come all over yourself, screaming my name, I don't think it's fair to unleash the nuclear force of your sex appeal on a room full of unsuspecting students.

PointyBirds: I am not… (Spock realised he had moved his hand away from his mouth, to type.) I might… ^H^H^H^H I am going to advise you very strongly to go get the bottle of lubricant in my bedside drawer and make use of it.

JTK: Didn't think you could take much more of this. You're looking a little green around the edges.

PointyBirds: I am not asking you to do this for my prurient interest. I am demanding it for your continued health.

JTK: My health? That's a little kinky…

PointyBirds: Jim, when I get out of this class, I am going to kill you. With my penis. It is up to you how much of this experience will be pleasurable for you.

Jim's mouth hung open, as he gaped at the text on his screen. Spock watched his lover move as though his life depended on it, clothing flying off, hands sure and swift with the bottle.

PointyBirds: Fourteen minutes, Jim.

Spock watched the screen, smugly, out of the corner of his eye, as the papers began to pile up on the corner of his desk.

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