Jul 072010

[ Sky – Master Post ]
Title: Material Girl
Fandom: Sky
Characters: Arkady
Rating: T
Warnings: PVC mini-skirt?
Notes: I don't know. Something about a show on genderbending at the Harwood Arts Centre. Submissions are due on the 20th, and I just heard about it, today. My initial reaction, of course, was, "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR GODDAMN MIND?" But, if I can crank out something decent by the 15th, I'll probably throw in. This puts a serious dent in my ability to do plates, this month.

This is a GLARING fuckup. That corset was supposed to be PVC, and somehow it ended up being aircraft aluminium. I don't even know what to say to this…

Random, unedited facecap. I dunno, I really liked how it looked.

Boots are all gobbed up. I'm probably going to go back to the latex shader, for the cuffs, because PVC is just not working as intended.

On second thought, satin. I think I like the satin shader on the cuffs…

More of this, when I stop being fed up. Also, this set will eventually include Sin in drag, too. And depending on how damn hard it is to get lighting and textures, I may do some really deranging Arkady/Arkady shots.

I got less fed up. Two more images for you. No post-work. I'm not doing post until I have enough stuff to be picky about what I'm submitting.

Β Up next: Arkady/Arkady images. Keep an eye out, I'm already rendering one as we speak.

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