Jul 082010

[ Sky – Master Post ]
Title: Just Like Arcadia
Fandom: Sky
Characters: Arkady and … uh… Arkady
Rating: T
Warnings: PVC mini skirt? Self-cest?
Notes: I dunno. I had a moment. It seems to have lasted two days. Here's a variety of shots of the same pose, in various states of almost correct. Image size causes some clipping on the right side, as usual, so click for full-size. I'll warn you that a couple of these are 3000×3000, though.

I love the boots on the right. Unfortunately, I lost them in a crash, and then I decided it was probably better if they weren't both wearing the same boots…

Now, the important thing to keep in mind is that a handful of the face sliders on Left Arkady stopped working, at some point, so I'm having a shit time posing his face.

New boots are new. Pose is also a little better arranged, not that you can probably tell…

Screwing with the angles. I like how this came out, even if it does need a little post.

Angles, colours, textures, foot fixes. I really like this angle. I think it's the best one of this pose. Now, I just need to square up some little things, and the rest can be fixed in post.

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