Sep 222010

[ Sky – Master Post ]
Title: The White Crest – Plates I
Fandom: Sky
Characters:  Sin, Lyman
Rating: G-
Warnings: Busted lights are busted.
Notes: It's the hotel bar — or a very small corner of it, anyway, and I had to retexture the bastard thing and light it all by hand. And yes, I figured out that I'm missing the floor lights. I got the ambients, I got the lights on the bar, but I need at least one spot from the foreground, or this shit is going to continue to look flat. No further comments, just images.

"I regret to inform you, Mr Lyman, that you are utterly misjudging the temporality of the original work."

Hands down, going back to the previous expression. This one's got weird shadows.

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