May 032010

[ Sky – Master Post ]
Title: Outtakes, Volume I
Fandom: Sky
Characters: Sin, Severen, Sydney
Rating: M
Warnings: Expletives, implications, direct statements, pure crack
Notes: I decided to turn off the filter between Severen's brain and his mouth, in one scene in Taste Like Sky. I might do this more often.

"It's squishy," she warned, setting it next to the stove, as Severen regained both his feet.

"You left it out, again, didn't you." It wasn't really a question.

"I might have. Jesus, you're picky." Sydney flipped her frizzy hair, as she turned to go back to Sin.

"Yes. Yes, I am picky." Severen's eyebrow lifted as his voice cooled another ten degrees. "Do you know why I'm picky, Sydney? It's because it's my house you've been living in. It's my fiancee playing cheap screen door for you. And I'm finally home, in my house, with my fiancee, and you are making it difficult for me to cook dinner."

"Dinner? You could have just made ramen, if you're worried about time."

"Dinner. As in, 'actual food'. As in, 'one of those things you didn't get out of a hotel vending machine at four thirty in the morning." He slapped her hand with a hot, sauce-covered spoon, as she reached to pick a noodle out of the pot. "And I want to hurry up and finish cooking and then eating this dinner, so that I can get back to the other important thing in my life — the raging hardon that I am about to beat you to death with, before I put it to a significantly more appropriate and pleasurable use."

Sin materialised in the doorway. "Sebastian, I think those are the hottest words you have ever said."

"I'm just stating the obvious, Sin. The excruciatingly obvious."

Sin turned his glassy-eyed smile on Sydney. "Go home. It's been a riot, but go home, right now."

"But I —"

"That's not really a request. You can leave or I can carry you out. I think I have business to take care of." And it was glaringly obvious business to anyone who took a moment to glance down.

"My god, what is wrong with you!? You're really a dick!" Sydney stamped her foot.

"No, dear, I have one and a driving need to put it to good use," Sin remarked blandly, tossing Sydney over his shoulder, and picking up her jacket as he headed toward the door. "If I find anything else you've left, I'll send it to your dorm."

"Don't slam the fucking door!" Severen shouted from the kitchen, as Sin put the girl out. "You'll ruin the rolls!"

Sin shut the door, with a quiet click, and returned to the kitchen, with a distinctly predatory smile. "Do I have to wait until you finish cooking?"

"No, but if you make me burn something, you're sleeping on the couch."

Shenanigans ensued.

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