Aug 142010

[ Sky – Master Post ]
Title: Ten Things About Lir
Fandom: Sky
Characters: Lir
Rating: T
Warnings: Booze, lunacy, abject boredom
Notes: Lir's not that interesting. He'd like to reassure you of that fact.

1. As stable and normal as he seems to be, Lir tends to filter out the things around him that don't fit in with his version of reality. Sometimes Baron and Arkady talk Sin into using this to great comedic effect.

2. For the first three years of their relationship, he didn't tell Elena that he was in a band, telling her, instead, that he was in international commerce and travelled a great deal, for work. It wasn't entirely untrue — he just didn't tell her that he was part of the product.

3. He loves Elena's two children as much as if they were his own — and their dog, too. Constanza and Diego love to watch him pretend that their sheltie has wrestled him to the floor.

4. He's an excellent guitarist — better than one would imagine, listening to their albums — and after a few drinks, he tends to get really quiet and play classical pieces and progressive jazz. He put out a solo album, in the late 90s, but no one really paid it any attention.

5. He's convinced the rest of the band is completely insane — Baron a little less so than the rest of them — but ever since Betty convinced him to come play with them, he's been sort of rubbernecking at the utterly fascinating trainwreck going on around him. Of course, he misses a whole lot of the causes and some of the effects, since #1 is still true…

6. He owns a lovely house in an upscale part of town, and Betty and Severen tease him endlessly about the neighbourhood. He just doesn't see what's wrong with having three-child wealthy families for neighbours — or he didn't until those kids got a little older and he had to replace the mailbox four times in one season.

7. He's got a younger brother, about Baron's age, and he calls every now and again, to make sure his brother hasn't turned out like their bassist.

8. He's often mistaken for being shy, but he tells people that he doesn't talk much, because he has nothing to say. He insists he's really quite boring, and most of the time, Betty agrees, but in a nice way — "Yes, thank god," she says.

9. When he finally gets around to retiring, he wants to buy a horse, because he's always wanted one, but never really had the time. He could afford to get one, now, and keep it in one of the local stables, but he doesn't think it's right to keep an animal you can't care for with your own hands.

10. When he was in high school, in Arizona, he got arrested for drunk driving, in his best friend's Pinto. The record is long-expunged, and he hasn't mentioned it, since he got into college.

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