Aug 132010

[ Sky – Master Post ]
Title: Ten Things About Betty
Fandom: Sky
Characters: Betty
Rating: G-
Warnings: Mild violence
Notes: Betty's not just some pretty girl, she's the mad scientist's daughter, and has all the baggage that comes with it. I like to think she's recovered, nicely, though.

1. Sometimes, she gets tired of being the 'responsible adult', but the only person she can pass that off onto is Severen, because Lir isn't sufficiently in touch with reality.

2. She's madly in love with Arkady, but she won't let on, because she's afraid of what would happen if she got into a relationship, and then he died. Instead, she tells people he's her 'idiot brother'.

3. She thinks she's fat. Always has. She's 5'6" and 160lbs, which isn't fashionable, anymore, but no one looking has ever complained.

4. She once broke Arkady's hand with a riding crop. He laughed all the way to the ER, and she doesn't feel the least bit guilty, because she told him to keep his hands off the damn shortcake.

5. She's afraid to not be in charge, because she doesn't trust anyone else to do things properly. Circumstances usually back up that lack of trust, so it's not an irrational concern.

6. Growing up, she always imagined herself having a nice, neat, nuclear family. She wanted to be a housewife for a man who worked hard, so she could enjoy the little house in the suburbs. In the end, she got the house and the suburbs, but that was about it. Of course, her mother was a single-parent rocket scientist, so we have no idea where this delusion came from…

7. In the mid-90s, she paid her mother back for the house, which had been "an investment in her future". Actually, she had a new house built for her mother, with as much modern convenience as could be crammed into the walls. Rocket scientists never really quite retire, and a stove that turns off when it detects smoke is a vital appliance.

8. Arkady didn't go to college, but Betty did, taking an associates in finance, which turned out to be more interesting than she'd anticipated. She eats accountants for breakfast, these days, and plays the market like a pro, when she's not on tour.

9. For all that she yells about Baron being irresponsible, she's got a grudging respect for the man who can always pull his shit back together, no matter how bad the situation gets. She just wishes that he wouldn't do it on her couch quite so often.

10. She would totally run a D&D game, if she could find anyone else to play with. She's secretly a nerdy gamer who really wants an excuse to have a baatezu for a player character. This was, of course, much easier in high school, when she played a lawful evil paladin of Lolth, and bullied the GM into making that work.

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