Aug 122010

[ Sky – Master Post ]
Title:  Ten Things About Sin
Fandom:  Sky
Rating: T
Warnings:  Kind of gross?
Notes: Sin's an odd child, aside from being the chosen of the Norse god of aesthetics. That just makes him even weirder.

1. He was almost a year old, at his circumcision, and it was done by the vet who took care of the family's cows. And it was done poorly, because that poor vet had never done any such thing, before, and treated it like docking a puppy's ears. Consequently, Sin's got half a foreskin and a fascinating scar.

2. When he was sixteen, and hitchhiking to Boston, he got his first taste of faggotry from two actors, on their way from Los Angeles to New York. They were interested in each other, not in him… until he decided he wanted to play, too. They never did figure out what hit them, and to this day, they're still claiming someone spiked their weed.

3. Despite dressing well enough to hide it, he's built like a brick wall. He's 6'4", not the 6'3" he always claims, and when he's actually remembered to eat, he hovers around 200lbs — a slender and well-arranged 200lbs, but still half again as much as Sebastian.

4. He loves animals — furry, feathered, scaly, whatever — and they tend to like him, too. This is really unsurprising, since he grew up on a ranch in the middle of BFE.

5. He hates to be alone, since he started living with Sebastian. Before that, he liked being able to go home and get away from people, but now, the house is just so empty, that sometimes he brings people home, just to take up space. (And, of course, as Sebastian so tactlessly puts it, to satisfy his deranged lusts.)

6. If the kink exists, he's been there and, if not done it, witnessed it and then decided against it. He's a walking library of things that most people would never want to know, and he can make Arkady cringe just by opening his mouth, if the subject comes up. Betty, of course, wants to borrow him for a show.

7. He'd absolutely sleep with Betty, if he thought Arkady wouldn't slit his wrists again. But, it would be the most non-sexual sex act he's ever been involved in — mostly just a favour to a friend. Sebastian keeps telling him to do it, so she'll stop whining, already.

8. He's in love with love. Romance, courtship, frivolous and endearing moments — these are what it's all about, and he flirts, non-stop, with anything and nearly everything that's not one of his students. And where does that cranky bastard Sebastian fit into that? Well, if he can turn Sebastian's head, he knows he's doing something right, and that's the best thing of all.

9. History repeats, endlessly, until people realise where they fucked up, and make it stop. He studies and teaches history, because without it, there is no future, there is only the past, again.

10. His hair ranges, depending on the weather, his conditioner, what he dyed it with, how many things he's caught it on in the last six months, from hip-length to knee-length, and he's utterly offended by the slightest suggestion that he should cut it. Before he left home, his mother blamed his hair on his father's heathen tendency to keep  a long braid, but Jens never managed to get his hair near the length of his son's.

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