Jul 072010

[ Sky – Master Post ]
Title: Flash Fiction 2010
Fandom: Sky
Characters: Sin, Sebastian, Betty, Arkady
Rating: T
Warnings: Implications of shenaniganery, off-screen violence
Notes: It's time for the Alibi Flash Fiction Contest, again, and for the first time since 1998, I've submitted something. *gasp* Each of the two pieces below the cut is 100 words.

1. "Cream Sauce"
"Sin?" Sebastian didn't look away from the pot of carbonara. "You know I love you, right?"

"Mm-hmm," Sin found it difficult to provide more of an answer, with his mouth full of what would become a spectacular hickey.

"And you know I'm cooking dinner for you, yes?"

"Mmm. Mm-hmm."

Sebastian rapped Sin on the forehead with his knuckles. "Then why in god's name are you trying to distract me? I rather prefer my cream sauces in the non-smouldering varieties."

Sin pulled back, with a slurp. "Because I can think of much better uses for the words 'smouldering' and 'cream sauce'."

2. "Distressing Damsel"
The nice thing, Evan reflected, about being that guy with the heavy black make-up was that no one could tell he'd been punched in the face. Except Liz, of course.

"Sweetie-pumpkin? Dearling-doll? You know I'm not going to kill him. I just want to make him beg me for death," she purred. "Tell me who did this."

"No! You can't just —"

"I'll let you watch." She smiled, a thin and tempting crescent.

"Frank Hamilton." He grinned up at her. "Can I take pictures?"

"If my underwear is in any of them, I'll kill you."

"So, don't wear a mini."

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