Jul 182010

[ Sky – Master Post ]
Title: Blue – Plates
Fandom: Sky
Characters: Severen, Arkady, Betty
Rating: M
Warnings: Naked people
Notes: So, Blue talks about some pictures taken specifically to upset some people, who were offended by Severen's public displays of monogamous homosexuality. I figured the plate for this one should be one of those photos, and I think I finally managed one that's more or less usable. Default lighting, no BG. I may decide to do something about that later, or I may decide it just doesn't need to be done. I don't know; I've been up for more hours than are strictly necessary.

Severen's feet aren't actually touching the ground, here. Also, weird intersections of arm and arm are just barely visible.

This angle sucks my ass. Arkady's shoulder is horrifying.

Sev's still mysteriously tall… Not sure what went south, here…

Bizarre intersections of boob and arm. Also, the figure import didn't work, properly, so she's entirely the wrong weight. Too thin for the lose.

Sev and Betty are totally talking about Sin, who's on the other side of the camera. Arkady is amused, but then, he always is… I don't think there's anything here that I can't fix in post.

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