Jul 142010

[ Sky – Master Post ]
Title: Portfolio: 'Gender (identity, construction, deconstruction and transgression)' – Harwood Art Centre
Fandom: Sky
Characters: Arkady, Sin, Sebastian
Rating: M
Warnings:  Wang, drag
Notes: This is the submissions portfolio I'm sending in for the exhibit I've been shouting obscenities about, since the beginning of the month. I included the letter of introduction, because you guys deserve a laugh. Y'all will be the first to hear it, if any of this crap gets selected for the show. Note, please, that I did not make the selections, I just made the art.

Ywain Penbrydd is something of an obnoxious prat, with significant background in psychology and social anthropology. Those are bugs, not features. The features are that he has a pair of BAs in English Literature and Western Religious Texts, and he is never offended by a question. You can ask him anything. Doesn't mean he'll answer it.

He's been writing for a very long time — probably close to seventeen years — and is very good at writing, but only short fiction. In fact, he seems to be truly amazing at not writing novel-length fiction. He has maintained that glorious credential, in his latest collection of short fiction, 'Sky'. It's a story about two fags in love. It's a story about a goth band. It's a vivid demonstration of why falling in love with your best friend is either the best idea ever, or going to end in tears. It's exposition on the fact that love doesn't mean the same thing to any two people, even when they're in it, together. It's a breath of life, in a world too focused on standard tropes and cut-out characters, to see the stories actually unfolding within it.

The enclosed images are his depictions of some of the relationships in those stories. The titles are all references to popular music and historic literature. He created these works in Daz Studio and did post-work in Adobe Photoshop.

01 – Et In Arcadia Ego (2010 – Digital)  12"x12" @100ppi
02 – So, I Stay at Home With a Book (2010 – Digital) 6.34"x6.34" @100ppi
03 – Self-Absorption (2010 – Digital) 12"x12" @100ppi
04 – Always Should Be Someone You Really Love (2010 – Digital) 6.34"x6.34" @100ppi
05 – Vanity, Vanity, All Is Vanity (2010 – Digital) 3.98"x7.46" @85ppi
06 – Keep Young and Beautiful, If You Want to Be Loved (2010 – Digital) 12"x12" @100ppi
07 – Love Is Either In Your Heart, or In Your Way (2010 – Digital) 3.33"x6.34" @100ppi
08 – The Half-Eaten Peach (2010 – Digital) 6.23"x6.25" @100ppi
09 – Dancing With Myself (2010 – Digital) 7.92"x12" @100ppi
10 – Oh, You Pretty Thing (2010 – Digital) 6.12"x12" @100ppi
11 – It Could Be Sunshine (2010 – Digital) 4.85"x7.46" @85ppi
12 – Groundhog Day (2010 – Digital) 6.34"x6.34" @100ppi

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