Aug 012007

Title: Ars(e) Poetica
Rating: M.
Warnings: Teen angst, flagrant sonnet abuse, gratuitous cow-irker abuse
Notes: These are (almost) all the sonnets I've written since I was seventeen. Some of them are awesome, some of them suck royal powdered donkey ass. You decide. As of this moment — December 2010 — I'm finally looking at maybe getting a book out, next year. These and some illustrations by Franko the Magnificent.

Ars(e) Poetica:

  1. Petrarch on a Pike
  2. To Astrid
  3. Serapi
  4. He Runs With Scissors
  5. Eden for a Letter
  6. Entreaty
  7. Apologia
  8. Madonna of the Loft
  9. Reminiscences of a Techie
  10. Ad Nauseum
  11. Isolati
  12. Life is Bigger…
  13. The Jade Marie
  14. Through the Plexiglass
  15. Ode to a Grape
  16. Run for the Money…
  17. Daemon's Theatre
  18. Errant Soliloquy
  19. Contrition of the Shallow
  20. An Ode to Ume-kun (the real 20th sonnet…)
  21. The Swank Tiger
  22. Indecision
  23. Basking in Starlight
  24. The Convent Ruins
  25. Electric Simplicity
  26. Dynamics of the Ferret Heart
  27. 27
  28. Romance Remembers Its Age
  29. Christmas for Lady Winter
  30. Loving Haemorrhage
  31. Playing with Ice
  32. Sugar-shined Valkyrie
  33. The Tower of Mirth
  34. The Feathered Wind
  35. The Rescue Hound
  36. A Solution
  37. Falling Angels
  38. Wakrubaya T'kahr'y'tan (The Evolution of Vulcan Philosophy)
  39. Heart of Snow
  40. Twelve Green BottlesΒ 
  41. Damaged Goods (are the best kind) [Birthday post. Scroll down.]
  42. The Question Stands Unasked [Birthday post. Scroll down.]

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