Nov 252007

Title: Playing With Ice
Rating: T
Notes: Written for VC.

#31 Playing With Ice

Black and cold the moonless midnight sky
The bloodless heart lies shrouded by the night
Impermanent, the warmth of day's bright eye
And traitorous the burning short-lived light

But in the umbrage something sharply shines
Never quite alone in depth of dark
Treacherous and cautious, thick with spines
But amply witted — blessed with cunning spark

And, oh, what games two men of wit may play
Unrestrained by constructs of good taste
As layer after layer falls away
And not an innuendo goes to waste

Another push, my fond antagonist
And every line a boundary of this tryst

— 2007.11.24 :: for VC, for whom I have made my mask a burning ground. the dance continues.

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