Nov 262007

Title: Sugar-Shined Valkyrie
Rating: G-
Notes: Written for my wasabi-wielding cow-irker.

#32 Sugar-Shined Valkyrie

Congruity of tactics and of form
Slim and lithe and mischievous of eye
Her stealthy humour sparkles in the storm
And from that gleam another barb takes flight

A twist — a dart — she spins and twists aside
And failure leaves her volley unreturned
She strikes again — disrupts her victim's stride
And with a laugh, rejects before she's spurned

A candy-coated malice smooths her way
Crumbling swift beneath a heavy pace
And all pursuers find to their dismay
She's vanished, yet again, without a trace

And when tomorrow births another game
With swiftest steps she plays it just the same

— 2007.11.25 :: for my wasabi-wielding cow-irker, who defeated the Master of Objections with an avocado roll

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