Nov 052001

Title: Basking in Starlight
Fandom: N/A
Characters: N/A
Rating: G-
Warnings: Schmoopy and angsty
Notes: Ars(e) Poetica #23. November 5, 2001. Original commentary: "for someone here, who knows who he is." This one is for Starrynight… who married and then divorced the girl of his dreams.

The window opens onto darkened skies
The moon above, a glittery crescent shape
In the flash of shooting stars, she sees his eyes
And startled for a moment, drops the drape

The room now dark, he whispers in her ear
She shakes her head — he isn't standing there
And broken by that thought she sheds a tear
She throws the sash again, and smooths her hair

She sips a cup of sake, calming warm
And gazes out across the asphalt yard
In the fire of the stars she sees his form
And wishes that her soul were not so marred

She shivers in the cold moon's silvery light
And to the stars, she bids a fond goodnight

2001.11.05 :: #23

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