Nov 272007

Title: The Tower of Mirth
Rating: G
Notes: Written for the inventor of dildo-chuks.

#33 The Tower of Mirth

The moment hangs in stasis, frozen still
The stagnant tower jesting at its heart
Within the tower, puckish wit and will
Extravagant solidity its art

Unchanging in its staid permanence
The tower wall supports its burdens strong
And marked with scars of each experience
Unshaken bears the weight of common wrongs

Indifferent to this encumbering load,
The tower's core of merriment and glee
And laughter echoes back along the road
A broadcast of light-hearted revelry

Regardless of its troubles, great of girth
The tower holds an atmosphere of mirth

— 2007.11.26 :: for the inventor of dildo-chuks; long may he revel in the impotence of his fellow men.

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