Nov 282007

Title: The Feathered Wind
Rating: G-
Notes: Written for the master of the airy zen of chaos.

#34 The Feathered Wind

A flight of feathers scattered on the wind
Drifting on the light and fluid breeze
Sans pattern, no beginning and no end
Adrift aspread, cavorting as they please

Chaotic plasmic pool of circumstance
The feathers skim the surface in their flight
Scattering the drops of pleasaunce
Altering in form far distant sights

The carnival of images revealed
A vision in kaleidoscopic light
Invisible to those with minds still sealed
Languishing in self-inflicted night

The feathered wind uncoils, beckoning
And every shadow cast does softly sing

— 2007.11.27 :: for the master of the airy zen of chaos

And shiny-special congratulations to the Master of Objections, who successfully objected to failing today's test.

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