Dec 012007

Title: The Rescue Hound
Rating: G-
Notes: Written for the man who has a KDB article for every occasion.

#35 The Rescue Hound

Layered thick, the snow of ignorance chills
Like static clouds that dull and numb the mind.
From mountaintops, the knowledge river spills,
But, in the blizzard difficult to find.

But, in this storm, the rescue cometh quick —
The man-hound bounding swiftly o'er the drifts;
The KDB like brandy 'round his neck,
To chase the chill and mind and spirits lift.

With yips and growls, nipping at our heels,
Our sprightly hound does press us forth as one.
Confident and competent his spiels,
He leads us onward 'til our trail is done.

And once the river's found, its rapids white,
Not one of us will sink without a fight.

— 2007.11.30 :: for the man who has a KDB article for every occasion

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