Dec 252004

Title: Christmas For Lady Winter
Rating: G-
Warnings: None
Notes: This was a Christmas gift for a friend… obviously. *grins*

When winter's bright chill seeps into the heart
And muffled sounds spill through the empty street
No one right of mind would think to start
Affairs of heart, in all this blowing sleet.

But o'er the sea, in places out of mind,
One burns alone in winter's crippling drear
That one has come to search for his own kind
And when she's found to hold her ever near

Singular and solid sits the girl
Weathering each storm that settles in,
Gathering her trauma like a pearl,
Iridescent in her shades of sin

Β Β But when she's found, he whispers to her soul,
Β Β And warms her heart with every story told

#29 :: 2004.12.25

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