Nov 042004

Title: Romance Remembers Its Age
Rating: T
Warnings: Suggestive language
Notes: It's a blurry time in my life, but I'm pretty sure that was for beren, because if it had been aimed at killbox, the colour would have been green. If anybody actually remembers me writing it, please tell me who the fuck it was for…

A smile engraved upon my heart of ash
The colour nearly digitally blue
The lips so soft, but nearly like a lash
With every strike my will is torn in two

In two and two, in lash and time again
Resistance torn, it slowly slips away
The matter isn't if, but only when
So easily can flesh be led astray

There is no heart left to be led once more
Through field and fair day of another love
No time for me to traipse upon that shore
No heart to soar and flutter like a dove

I make the only offer I can trust
The promise of a richly gilded lust

#28 :: 11.04.04

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