Aug 082009

Title: Wakrubaya t'kahr'y'tan (The Evolution of Vulcan Philosophy)
Fandom: Star Trek (TOS)
Characters: None (Although it's attributed to Commander Starek)
Rating: G-
Warnings: None
Notes: Wrote this one in the middle of a debate on linguistics in an RP scene. My OC is a Romulan commander, posing as a Vulcan, and he is rather passionate about what he considers to be the deterioration of the Vulcan language. With this poem, he tries to make a point about methods of managing the path of a story in poetic expression. (Shut up, I'm a goddamn nerd.)

Subatomic striations begin
The swirling of the all begets a star
And the light reveals a world therein
Compression drawing galaxies apart

In the dust, some thinking thing arises
Aware and territorial, at best
War and language from it are its prizes
With tools and talk it stands above the rest

And from this race a man of logic stands
Offering his gift to all his own
Most accept the wisdom from his hands
But, others seek and find another home

With clarity and purpose, open hands
We now accept the gifts of other lands

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